Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Back... 2

One more thing I wanted to mention.  One of my prime reasons for writing this blog has been to attract attention not only to other struggling, unsigned musicians, but also to garner some of that attention for my own  musical endeavors.  But guess what?  For some inexplicable reason, I’ve got gobs of people reading my blog, but very few sampling my songs.  I mean, would it kill you to at least listen to a tune or two, even if just to pacify my endlessly insatiable ego? 
Also, since last November I’ve noticed that my blogging has been stealing precious time and creative energy away from my songwriting.  So I’m doubly screwed as nobody’s listening to the marginal songs I’ve already recorded and I have little time or energy left to make better ones. 
In addition to all that, I’m not earning any money through my current monetizing strategies - seems along with not having time to listen to my songs, none of you has the ability to click on an ad once in a while!  [Disclaimer - that last statement was not meant as an inducement to click on any Google AdSense ads if you were not already inclined to do so.  I singed a contract specifically stating I would not encourage use of the AdSense program simply to bolster my own earnings, so that’s not what I am doing here.  Honestly.  Simply sharing an observation is all.]
So here’s what’s going to happen from now on.  I will back off a bit on the in-depth analysis of the bands I write about so that I have more time for my other work.  I will pump up my monetizing strategies by focusing mostly on bands that have CDs and downloads available for sale (and asking that you click on the links I provide to access Amazon and iTunes if you intend to purchase said music) and I will begin requesting donations.  Finally, I will start pushing my own music on you with merciless regularity.  
Thanks for your support.  Oh, and please check out some of the links I’ve provided on the homepage of my website,
Peace, Love and Dreams of Income...


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