Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LC Messinger, aka When Girls Collide

I’ve been meaning to write about LC Messinger of When Girls Collide for quite some time.  She’s been a good friend for many years and is the person most responsible for reigniting my own musical fire after convincing me to record some guitar tracks on her Hit Me With Your Tailwag CD a few years back.  Since I began writing this blog I’ve been waiting for some news from LC to share with y’all.  Problem is, she’s been so busy producing Brian Lambert’s debut CD Spell For Happiness this past year that she hasn’t had time to do anything particularly noteworthy on her own.  
Well, now that Lambert’s CD is complete, Ms. Messinger is back in the studio working on remixes of some of her previously released material, along with a new video for the song “Girl” from her Wasted Ladies album.  Actually, LC and I are collaborating on the video, which, fingers crossed, will be hitting YouTube and other online venues mid-June.  I’ll keep you posted as the process progresses.
Messinger has been making music for some time now, most notabley with her band Unknown Gender in the early-to-mid-80s.  UG was a pioneering all-girl post-Punk band that once dominated the European music scene, particularly in Germany and Scandinavia.

Unknown Gender

Over the past decade or so Messinger has been developing her solo act When Girls Collide.  Although LC  once characterized WGC as Industrial Cabaret, since moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Austin, TX three years ago, her sound has evolved into what she now describes as “KD Lang on acid in a barnyard full of loud animals” and “Spaghetti Western guitar meets a warehouse rave.”  In truth, LC’s sound is difficult to pin down.  It is eccentric, eclectic, whimsical, occasionally atonal and often just plain weird.  Her songs are typically rhythmic and danceable, spilled across a musical landscape colored with electronic doodles, unexpected guitar tweaks, percussive blips and unnerving vocal mutations.  As for her voice, it is filled with an androgynous ambiguity that is at times smooth and smokey, others brazen and screeching.  She is also a formally trained multi-instrumentalist, most notable for her innovative guitar work.    
Currently, WGC has three song collections available at Amazon and iTunes.  You can also sample LC’s music, including a few of her new remixes, at her MySpace and Reverb Nation sites.  


Amazon.com     iTunes

Amazon.com     iTunes

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