Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stuntman Mike's 10,000 Lives

I first wrote about Glasgow band Stuntman Mike this past January after discovering them on DJ Bluetone’s webcast from Scotland.  If you missed that blog, you can click here or simply read the following excerpt, as it’s more to the point:
    ... I can’t gush enough about Stuntman Mike... one of those 
    bands that manage to make pop music which stings a bit - with
    catchy, memorable hooks that, while easily digestible, go down 
    more like really strong, black espresso than the way-too-sugary 
    soft drinks we’re typically served.  Each song takes off from the 
    first note and races ahead, pulling one along by the viscera.  
    They’re loud and driving, with lots of pounding drums, thumping     
    bass notes and searing vocals.  And for a quartet their sound is
    surprisingly rich and full, their recordings incredibly well-produced
    and their live performances faithful to their studio work...
Now I often write these blog entries in the wee hours of the morn - say between 4 and 5am.  As a result, my observations are sometimes insomnia-driven and born upon a hazy wave of semi-somnambulism.  In other words, I sort of sleepwalk my way through much of this and, once in a while, upon waking, realize that some of my initial observations, while sincere at the time, were also a bit baseless.  In other, other words, I often find myself scratching my head and musing aloud: “What the hell was I thinking?”  
Not so, in the case of Stuntman Mike.  And, although it is roughly 5:14am as I write this, I’ve been awake since 3am, so I’m definitely in at least marginal control of my reasoning faculties and steadfast in my affirmative stance as regards Stuntman Mike.  Indeed, after listening to the band’s music for the first time in several months, I can easily say that I continue to stand by my initial assessment of the band’s appeal and musical acumen. 
This is especially true of their recently released single, “10,000 Lives,” a song that I’ve listened to dozens of times and still find it as compelling and listenable as I did from the first.  If you question my opinion, I invite you to visit Stuntman Mike in MySpace-land and judge for yourself.  For that matter, you might look to Youtube for further evidence of my assertions.  Then, you may click on the following banner link and download “10,000 Lives” from iTunes. 

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