Saturday, February 13, 2010

Format Adjustments

I haven’t posted anything all week because I’ve been sick - yet again.  I’m like  a giant petri dish for visiting germs this winter.  So far I’ve had the stomach flu, some other achy flu, two colds and an ear infection.  I was beginning to think I had strep because my throat’s been sore for almost a week and a half.  But feeling much better today, which is great news, since it’s my birthday.
So for today I just want to share a quick note: 
I’ve decided to make some minor format adjustments.  From now on I will include bands recently signed to indy labels and bands already signed to what I like to think of as boutique labels - ie, labels either set up by the band in question to promote their own music, or labels that represent only one or two acts.  I’m doing this for two reasons.  
  1. I’m interested in promoting bands that self-distribute, whether through companies such as CD Baby or through their own “vanity” labels.  
  2. I keep a running roster of bands I plan to write on each week, yet lately I’ve been finding that by the time I get around to focusing on them, many have been snatched up by labels.  So, in the interest of the work I’ve already put into researching said acts, I will go ahead and write a brief bit about them anyway.  However, if such bands find themselves signed to major labels, I figure they’ve already got a huge publicity machine ready to promote them, so I’ll just cross them off the list.  
I will still focus primarily on unsigned bands, and when I diverge from this path, I will be sure to make note of it in my blog entries. 
I will have new bands to write about early next week, so please be patient with me as I  recollect myself and get back to work. 
Many Thanks,

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