Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DJ Bluetone - The Aftermath

Hope you got a chance to watch DJ Bluetone’s webcast on JustinTV Monday.  If not, you can visit his archive at this link.  Even so, one must sit in on at least one live show.  Just isn’t the same without the streaming chat.

I was also elated that he played three of my songs this past show - “Patient,” “Labor Day” and “Land.”  I’ve only been posting music for public consumption for a couple months now - never heard any of my songs broadcast from anywhere other than my home computer.  I received some great listener comments and was extremely flattered to be included in the company of the other acts Bluetone chose to play.  He promised to give me a spin on his next webcast as well, so please tune in and show your support next Monday from 9pm to Midnight BST - 1pm on the West Coast, 4pm on the East.

Among the artists he played, I wanted to mention a few that I found exceptionally worth a listen:

I will definitely be writing more on these bands in the near future.


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