Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DJ Bluetone

Over the past weekend I made contact with DJ Bluetone, a Scottish DJ (VJ?) who hosts his own show on JustinTV (Monday nights - or afternoons if you happen to be stateside).  Like me, he focuses on promoting unsigned bands he’s found on MySpace.  I’d intended to catch his premier show this week, but got my British Summer and Pacific Daylight Times a bit mixed up.  Fortunately, he does archive his program, so one can still catch Monday’s broadcast here

As I write this I am listening to (and periodically watching) the archived show.  It’s quirky and kitschy, a bit rough around the edges, but worth a watch.  DJ Bluetone sits in what appears to be a room in his home, surrounded by images of amplifiers and a mirror ball (and an intermittent sword-carrying dominatrix), spinning music, commenting on the songs and artists, conducting live video interviews - and occasionally humming along with the tunes.  There are a few technical glitches, which, for me, add to the charm of the experience.  Promoting unsigned acts (as well as being part of one) is a labor of love (definitely not profit).  One must do what one can with lots of determination and very little funding. 

DJ Bluetone’s got great taste, plays a wide variety of sounds and will introduce you to music you’re unlikely to hear in any one place (unless you have the patience to sift through all the unsigned acts on MySpace, which I highly recommend, if you don’t have a job and never leave your room).  

If you’d like to hear your music featured on DJ Bluetone’s show, he encourages you to contact him at his MySpace site.  I also encourage any and all who read this to support DJ Bluetone and check out his show.

He begins spinning at 9pm BST - 4pm on the American east coast and 1pm in the west, again on JustinTV.  You can also follow him on Twitter.


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