Thursday, December 10, 2009

Unsigned in Argentina

Originally Posted at November 25, 2009

The photo above comes from the Myspace page of the independent recording artist(s) from Buenos Aires known as Noise Reduction.  J. Cruz (who randomly contacted me after I joined Twitter last week), is presumably a member of Noise Reduction, however my Spanish is a little rusty and his Myspace page is a little vague.  Suffice it to say (write?) that since connecting with Cruz and Noise Reduction I have been investigating other unsigned musical acts hailing from Argentina - all of whom I found on Noise Reduction’s friend page.  Since I couldn’t possibly review every single unsigned Argentine act, and I don’t even have enough space here to provide details of any single one of them, I would like to bring their music to your attention and hope you go investigate for yourself.  I picked the acts at random and weeded them out based on two criteria: 1. were they unsigned 2. did I like them - at least a little.  So here’s what I found.  The names appear in no particular order.  Click on any of them to visit their Myspace pages.

Happy listening.  


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