Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nightmare of the Elf [part 2 (part two)]

Originally Posted at December 6, 2009

{continued from Nightmare of the Elf [part 2 (part one)]}

Disclaimer: I wrote this and the previous post on a Saturday morning between 4 and 6am... I hadn't had much sleep and might have strayed into my own waking nightmare of sorts during the composition of said posts.  I considered not including these entries here and then decided that I must be true to my art and share anything and everything I happen to  spew forth while under the influence of the muse.  Also, I think I thought I was being drolly irreverent at the time... in retrospect, I think I was just plain obnoxious... I left a message with the Elfs to get their opinion of the piece(s).  They did not respond... However, I have not attempted to contact France.  (Honestly, though, I'm a complete Francophile, so don't let the vitriol and bitterness fool you - it's all meant in good humor... seriously). 

So here now, for your reading pleasure, I present to you Nightmare of the Elf [part two (part 2)]:

... As to the Pose Punk reference... either this term is so new as to confound every source I could find, it was simply made up by those in Elf land, or it is a hybrid of the terms Post Punk and Poser Punk (both terms arguably aimed at those who don Punk Rock trappings without engendering the sensibilities of the Punk Rock milieu).  I’ll go with the latter... The point here is this... anybody who thinks they’re punk rock today isn’t.  I’m actually old enough to have witnessed the death of Punk Rock first hand... it happened sometime around the very early ‘80s.  So anything that calls itself Punk today is, by definition, Pose(r) Punk.  Wait a second, that wasn’t my point at all.  Here’s my point: I could have figured all this out on my own without any “research,” but I wanted to be certain there wasn’t some novel, creative way the term Punk was being twisted and perverted to suit the greedy motives of some mad marketing geniuses too unoriginal to coin new terms and too heartless to let the old ones RIP already.   

So anyway, after listening to Nightmare of the Elf and reading a bit of their meandering rhetoric, I’ve concluded that pretty much everything about them is designed to confuse, confound and decentralize meaning, definition, textual contextualization... terribly PoMo, PoCo, PoFoucault... or was that Derrida?  No matter.  The real point, after all, is this...

I wasted yet more valuable time this morning on useless research.  So thank you, Elf, like the French, you’ve been both edifying and annoying.  So much to love and so much more to drive you out of your F*ing skull trying to figure out why you wasted thousands of dollars and 10 hours of turbulence and the threat of contracting swine flu due to bad air circulation just to end up in a country where most everyone wants to spit on you... and not in that gratifying, fun way folks like Johnny Rotten used to do “back in the day...” but in that “get out of our f*ing country you stupid American swine, with all your tourist dollars and bad taste, and deplorable uncouthness, and... and... your many tourist dollars (or would that be francs?) kind of way. (rollover this link to follow the thread...) 

Fat ass... gonna buy you a donkey-ee-ee...


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  1. Yah, those terms were pretty much made up. I had no idea "dorkwave" had any currency outside our neologism. "Darkwave" is a kind of Goth music many of the band members enjoyed, but since I also have great fun poking fun at goth (in addition to enjoying it) that adding the "dork" seemed appropriate. "Pose Punk" was a Post/Pose combo.