Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Radioactive Chicken Heads

Originally Posted at PsmythSongs.com December 12, 2009

OK, now time for The Radioactive Chicken Heads, a band I think is just plain awful... and I don’t believe they’d disagree, as awful appears to be what they’re striving for.  Equal parts Dead Kennedys/Stooges wannabes, Gong-Show rejects and Banana Splits [or possibly HR Puff-n-Stuff?) cartoon character puppet-things (if you’re too young to remember any of these cultural references... I envy you).

You’ll find a short clip of their appearance in a talent contest from the Tyra Banks show posted to the band’s MySpace page.  They lost the competition... by a significant margin.  I dare you to convince me they intended otherwise.  They are so bad, it has to be on purpose.  

I’m still trying to figure out just exactly what they’re trying to do here.  I mean, I understand the whole costume gimmick.  And they aren’t all that bad musically (if not tediously derivative).  But I believe they’re whole act is tied to a premise that if you create a ghastly enough spectacle, fans will buy your silly merchandise - which is also available at their site.  

The only reason I’ve even chosen to write about these guys (and one gal, I believe - she’s the one with the tomato for a head) was because I was shamefully drawn to their sensational nome du plume.  It’s too bad there isn’t anything remotely interesting once you get past the name.



  1. seriously? i love the chickenheads. great costumes. great in depth history of the characters. songs are simple and humorous. what is there to hate? you call them awful yet you admit they are decent musically. and that the name and costumes drew you to them.

    so if even SORT OF like their music and the costumes and name are interesting to you. then you still have yet to really explain reasons you think they are horrible. you just really compared them to old children tv shows.

    take some advice. stop judging and become a more advanced and constructive critic!

  2. Chickenhedz rule!! It's a whole other genre known as puppet bands and I'd say with the exception of maybe Green Jello, noone does it better then RACH!

    It's a show, entertainment, it's there to make you laugh and it does. If a puppet band actually has some musical talent, thats a bonus!

    Go Chickenhedz! Psy-Ko loves you!